Stay Slim with this Holiday Party Mantra…


Sweat, Pre-Eat, Enjoy the Treat, Repeat!

Sometimes there are so many ‘tips’ out there that it can become overwhelming.  When I read about eleven things I can do better I am totally motivated and excited to try them all, but with the swipe of my finger and quick run out the door I have already moved on with my day without implementing a single one of them.  I mean, who has time for ELEVEN more things?! Luckily, sticking to this simple mantra can really help you stay fit and feeling good with all of those fabulous parties ahead!

Break a sweat especially on the days you have an evening obligation. It doesn’t need to be a 75 minute spin class (but, good for you if it is)! It can be the choice of walking to work, taking the stairs, or spending 10 minutes in your house doing a mini-circuit! When you break a sweat daily you will not only see the physical benefits of exercise, but you will also release mood-boosting endorphins, reduce stress and set the tone for making better health choices throughout the day!

Pre-Eat. The worst thing you can do to your normally disciplined self is show up to a holiday party hungry.  Eat a healthy lunch or dinner before the party. Also, drink an 8 ounce glass of water before you go and one when you get there. Party trick:  Choose club soda if you want it to be less obvious!

Enjoy the treat! Mindfulness is just as important as exercise and eating healthy.  If you do both of the above, embrace the moment and have a treat.  It’s actually important to allow yourself to do that every now and then so that the foods are no longer forbidden or off limits.  Enjoy a cookie, a glass of sangria or a small plate of your aunt’s infamous dip! What you want to avoid is mindlessly chomping on 5 chocolate covered pretzels while mingling and not even realize you ate them.  Instead, take the time to enjoy a small treat and let it be just that.  A holiday party is just few hours long and should not sabotage your days and weeks of good choices.

Repeat! Do this series at your next holiday party and we guarantee this step will come easy once you see the benefits of this simple holiday party mantra pay off!