Pregnancy – Enhance the Glow

This package is a perfect for moms-to-be who want to take the best possible care of themselves while nurturing your baby to be! This package will guide you through the right foods to eat for you and your baby over the next 40 weeks, exercise guidelines that are safe and effective to help prepare for birth and breathing techniques.


Initial 15 minute phone call to discuss bride’s goals, question and enable a goal setting opportunity and open dialogue to best asses your needs as a mom-to-be while leading up to your due date.


What are the best foods to eat through out pregnancy can be overwhelming, especially with so much information out there. Also, knowing what to avoid and why can help you make the best choices on your own. Our prenatal nutrition consultation will walk you through every step of the way so you can feel you absolute healthiest!


Prenatal yoga is a special way to experience pregnancy on a physical and emotional level. This helps our moms-to-be connect with their baby and prepare for delivery. (All while staying in fantastic shape, of course!) The benefits of prenatal yoga include: Teaching body awareness and self observation, improved posture, flexibility and balance, increased energy level and boost circulation.

This 90 minute session is also geared towards strengthening muscles and building stamina in preparation for birth, teaches breathing techniques useful for relaxation and enhances sleep, eases lower back pain, round ligament and neck & shoulder pain and increases an inner calm as you enable yourself to spend time on preparing for and bonding with your baby.


Enhance the Glow Includes: Initial Phone Consultation + Prenatal Nutrition Consultation + Prenatal Yoga Session

This package includes the option to add discounted follow up nutrition and prenatal yoga sessions upon your request.

Price: $199

Follow Up Nutrition Session (Optional): $75

Prenatal Yoga Addition Sessions: $85-$105 based on location

Love it. This package is perfect for me.