Refresh – Tune up your healthy lifestyle

This package is a great starting block for those looking who are looking to take their health and fitness to the next level.  Whether you are just getting started, stuck in rut, interested in training for a new fitness goal or ready to take your fitness efforts to the next level this package will enable you to be your best self!

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Initial 15 minute phone call to discuss client goals; questions & answers about the session, goal setting and open dialogue to best assess the needs of the client.


Diet Analysis will provide observations after analyzing client’s personal food journal and health intake form, suggestions and analysis of macronutrient intake and micronutrient deficiencies based on current diet.

Nutritional recommendations will be provided based on the analysis to help client assess their current situation, the changes that can be made and how they can implement these changes into their daily life in a practical way to result in the goals outlined by the client in the session.


This is 75 minute session in person session to evaluate the diet analysis results and the nutritional recommendations and discuss a “how to” plan so the client can get started immediately with diet changes, lifestyle improvements and discussion on the best way to implement the plan in an effective way for the client.


This is a 60 minute session in person session to evaluate client’s current fitness levels, body mass index, measurements and weight in order to establish a fitness plan geared towards meeting their personal fitness goals. Personal training sessions can be added at a discounted rate to this package if client prefers.


Refresh Includes: Initial Phone Consultation + Diet Analysis & Nutritional Recommendations Assessment + In Person Consultation + Fitness Assessment

This package includes the option to add follow up nutrition sessions if the client prefers.

Personal training sessions can be also added at a discounted rate to this package if client prefers.

Price: $289

Follow Up Nutrition Session (Optional): $75

Personal Training: $85-$105 based on location

Love it. This package is perfect for me.