Paleo Approach – Is it right for me?

There is so much hype about Paleo and Whole 30 these days that it’s easy to jump on the bandwagon when looking for a nutrition plan. But what is it all about?

Let’s take a look:

The Paleo diet focuses on eating natural, real food that is widely available with little or no processing, the way nature intended us to eat. Nowadays, the Standard American Diet (SAD), featuring sugar, refined sugar, and even more sugar, is simply ruining the health of almost anyone who tries to eat according to the food pyramid. Clearly, something is not working. The Paleo diet seeks to fix that.

The Paleo approach emphasizes consuming whole foods and eliminating carbohydrates.  This is a great choice for most, but the key question here is, “Is it right for me?” And more importantly, “How do I make it work for me?”

We feel that answer depends on you, your body type, your hormones and your lifestyle needs. Some body types respond well to eliminating carbs while for others keeping complex carbs in their diet is proven to be beneficial. Also, it is important to ask yourself, “Is this approach to eating sustainable for my lifestyle?”

The best way to decide is to set up a consultation or fill out our survey to help us analyze your current diet and find out if this is the right fit for you. If so, we can help point you in the right direction for the Whole 30 approach and if not we can help you discover a plan that is best for you.

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