Love who YOU are this month by making sure YOUR diet plan is really the best plan for YOU!


The word diet comes from the Greek word Diata, which literally means “our manner of living.” Our diet consists of everything we take in. When we talk about our diet it is time to reevaluate our manner of living rather than what is “okay” and “not okay” or what is “good” or “bad” for us to consume. We have fallen into an approach to dieting that is full of restrictions and limitations that simply aren’t sustainable, and, quite frankly, not very much fun!

In addition, these mass marketed plans were not created with our specific body type, biochemical make up, lifestyle and goals in mind. We don’t all use the same skin care products, lift the same amount of weight at the gym or share the same belief systems. When did we come to accept this same minded approach to our nutrition? Even we, as individuals, have different nutritional needs at every stage of development; our bodies are constantly changing. Our stomach lining completely regenerates each week, our liver every six weeks and skin surface every month! A changing body means a changing diet. There are 5 key factors to our ever changing diet: lifestyle, environment, season, age and health. Don’t you think it time to incorporate such factors in your personal approach to nutrition?!

It’s time to realize that there is not one perfect diet but rather a perfect plan for YOU – based on your body, your biochemical needs and your lifestyle. When you can discover that, you can make it sustainable. It actually becomes easy, in fact, because you are energized, balanced and happier. Instead of feeling that you are in a constant battle with food you should be utilizing the proper nutrients to work for you.

Nutrition therapy is the base from which to start to create YOUR perfect plan. What is nutrition therapy you might ask? Nutritional therapy uses an assessment process to identify imbalances in body chemistry. These imbalances or nutritional deficiencies are corrected through diet, lifestyle changes and targeted nutrients. By identifying our deficiencies we can create a plan based on whole, organic foods that help heal your body, creating a healthier, happier you! So, let this really be the month of loving yourself and your time to stray away from mass produced diet plans. Start listening to your own body. It’s time to start living YOUR perfect MANNER OF LIVING!

How to learn more about what works for YOUR body!

  • Keep a food journal for 3 days and include everything you eat, eat as you normally would.
  • Include notes that record not just the calories, but how they make you feel
  • Next, cut out processed foods, refined carbohydrates, unhealthy fats such as trans fats and polyunsaturated fats
  • Consume organic foods with heavy emphasis on vegetables and fruits
  • Continue to keep a food journal for 7 days
  • Record the changes you feel with notes after each meal
  • Be honest with yourself and evaluate the differences in how you feel and what changes are best to keep in your diet plan!
  • Talk to a nutrition therapist, doctor or registered dietician if you need more guidance or want to take this approach to the next level.
  • Enjoy food again!