Eat Fat to Fight Fat?!


Stop being afraid of FAT! Let’s take a look at distinguishing between “good fats” and “bad fats”, understanding why low-fat foods are sabotaging your weight loss efforts and learn how to reap the amazing health benefits of consuming healthy fats daily. Trust me, your skin, brain, waistline and new found energy levels will thank you!


The Difference between Good Fats and Bad Fats:

“Good Fats” support our metabolism, enhance the health of body tissues, boost immunity, absorb nutrients and are essential to hormone production. (Good Fats = monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats and non-processed saturated fats.)

As you know, cells are the building blocks of our bodies, they control the way we utilize the nutrients in our body and when compromised they are unable to properly fuel our tissues and organs, which leads to a decline in our overall health.

“Bad fats” jeopardize the mitochondria of our cells which has a detrimental impact on our metabolism. They also contribute to inflammation, heart disease and arthritis… to name a just a few! (Bad Fats = trans fatty acids, partially hydrogenated oils and hydrogenated oils.)

Put simply, avoid processed and trans fats found in fried foods, potato chips, margarine, soybean oil and commercial baked goods.  Keep your cell membranes functioning at optimal levels by consuming healthy, saturated and unsaturated fats from organic grass fed meat, wild caught fish, avocados, full-fat dairy, nuts, nut butters coconut oil and olive oils.


Avoid the Low-Fat Trap:

I admit, I fell for it too. For years I was a low-fat yogurt snacking, skim milk drinking, healthy choice kinda girl.  Until, I discovered I had been totally mislead. Dairy is meant to have fat, when its stripped of fat, so are the nutrients. Instead, the fat is it replaced with sugars and chemicals added for taste and shelf life.  What you are left with is an unsatisfying snack that actually causes more damage than good. Fat doesn’t make you fat, sugar does! Replace low-fat with full fat choices.  And enjoy it, real fat is satisfying and packed with nutrients that contributes to healthy, glowing skin!


Reap the Benefits of Consuming Healthy Fats:

60% of our brain is made from fat, which means we need to eat fat to properly fuel our brain.  Fats are essential to brain function. Consuming EPA and DHA, found in good fats, are especially important in order to maintain dopamine levels which are critical for positive mood, focus, drive, and energy levels.  If you are often experiencing brain fog or your memory doesn’t seem to be what it used to be, it’s time to get more fat in your daily routine and fuel your brain!


Today’s Takeaway: Eat Fat to Fight Fat! 

Increase your brain power, energy levels, metabolism and overall health by eliminating your fat fear and choose to fuel the beautiful machine that is your body with healthy fats.  You deserve it.